Ny sida 10

Our names are Christina & Jamie, and we live 10 km from Sandviken in a small village named Kungsgården.
It is the forest as the closest neighbour. We're more out than inside. It is probably a good description on us.
We like to go out and sit down with a cup of coffee. Then spend the day with our animals.

As soon as I moved away from home, I got my first animal, a cat called Måns. Then came the desire for a dog, and it was our first schäfer and her name was Henny. She became 11 years old.
The next schäfer was named Lizzy and she became 12 years old. The grief after these two dogs can never erase, they are always with me in my thoughts.

2006 com Princess the white Shepherd into our lives, as a transfer dog and it is something that I have never regretted. She is a top dog that sometimes do not know how well she want to.

2008 we got our first litter. Princess got 11 puppies.
January 2009 became my kennel name approved. Today, we got four dogs, Princess, Cindy, Ice and Bonnie. We have also on our farm, sheep, horses, cats, chickens o ducks.
My husband and I have five children and three grandchildren so the dogs may soon learn to spend time with both children o adults and other animals.
Our two daughters have also dogs. Helena has four Flatcotenretrievers and a Dachshund . Nina has a Bull Terrier.
The boys have well more gone in dad's footsteps and likes to fix with older cars.

Is it something you considering, then you are welcome to call us. We are always available for our puppy buyers or you who are planning to buy a puppy...