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11/6 - 2011
Unofficial show Gävle BK  2011-06-06
Judge: Cissi Holmgren

Kasmurens Stuck On You "Dolly"


HA | BOB | BIG 4:a

Östebybruk Herrgårdspark  2011-05-28
Judge: Kumpumäki Veli Pekka

Kasmurens Stuck On You "Dolly"

Very Good

Gagnef floda BK  2011-05-14

Judge: Tomas Rohlin

Kasmurens Stuck On You "Dolly"

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8 may 2011

Uppsala läns kennelklubbs National Exhibition on 28 / 5
Judge: Veli-Peeka Kumpumäki Finland

It's Dolly, which may turn out that day!

2 may 2011

On 28 April I started with Ice on obedience.

On 14 May I shall go to show with Ice & Dolly.
It is Gagnef SBK holding the exhibition.
The judge is Tomas Rohlin Denmark

10 april 2011

Dolly is now April 10 start in obedience course!!

END OF 2010

14/6 - 2010
Piteå Brukshundklubb Officiell Utställning 2009-06-06
Judge: Kurt Nilsson

Ukl - Kv 1:a, Kk 1:a, Btkl 1:a, CQ, CAC, BOB, BIS-R

9/2 - 2010
On 28 February, I will on an unofficial exhibition in Söderhamn.
Read more about the exhibition on this page; Söderhamns Kennelklubb.